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Congratulations! Chances are if you’re visiting my website, you have recently become engaged. How exciting for both of you! If you consider the wedding ceremony the most important part of your day, we’ve already got something in common!

Wholehearted Coaching

Are you forever comparing yourself to other women thinking ‘they’ve got it altogether’ and you’re just plugging along faking it until one day when you might just make it?


There’s something a little magical about calling myself an author! I never imagined back in 2003 when I officiated my very first wedding, that I would ever feel confident enough to own the title ‘expert’.

Love Letters

We could not imagine our wedding day without Rev. Mandi Neiser. She created a magical ceremony that we thought only existed in fairytales. We could tell that we were not the only ones to be swept away by Mandi’s angelic words when all of our guests gushed about how our ceremony was the most romantic, intimate, heart warming and touching ceremony they had ever been to.

We would not hesitate for one second to recommend Mandi to anyone searching for an officiant that can go above and beyond. Her professionalism, positive attitude and personable nature goes unmatched. We were referred to Mandi by one of her past clients, who raved about her ability to bring tears to eyes, to express love like no other and to capture the true essence of the bond between two people. Mandi lived up to and far exceeded each and every expectation we had. From the first moment we met, Mandi delivered a bright smile, pleasant nature and keen interest in getting to know us. After the first few seconds of meeting Mandi we felt at ease.

Mandi offered us a fully personalized ceremony, with traditional and modern components based on our personal preferences. She gladly put together a nondenominational ceremony template where we could choose from a large variety of statements to include. We asked Mandi to include a hand blessing, blessing of the rings, stone ceremony and rose ceremony and she even helped us plan out the logistics for each. There was no doubt that we wanted the personalized ceremony, which allowed us to answer questions from Mandi’s secret questionnaire. We could not show each other our responses until the day of our wedding when Mandi incorporated tidbits of our responses into our ceremony. Throughout the ceremony she spoke with perfection. She filled the ceremony with raw emotion and made some of our guests cry who later admitted had never cried at a wedding before. Simply put, Mandi took our breath away.

Janine & Cameron

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